Benchbook.pk is an initiative by Justice Project Pakistan (JPP) with assistance from the Research Society of International Law. 

The aim of this initiative is to provide members of the judiciary with an authoritative resource for human rights related research to facilitate judgement writing, capacity-building, and general awareness of both domestic as well as international standards of human rights protection.

This online platform provides detailed information about key areas that routinely arise in criminal matters before the judiciary including:


    • i. Protections in arrest, pre-trial and preventive detention,
    • ii. Prohibition on torture and abuse,
    • iii. Right to fair trial,
    • iv. Protection of vulnerable groups,
    • v. Rights of the child and the juvenile justice system and
    • vi. The right to life and security

Along with domestic legislation, jurisprudence, and other material, the guide provides practical guidance from international sources. The aim is to assist judges in determining how particular standards of human rights are protected around the world.

Benchbook.pk also provides a database of hundreds of useful legal sources for reference by users. These sources are also available through an easy-to-use search tool.

We hope the research and resources available on this platform will provide a useful tool to members of the judiciary in upholding their role as the guardians of human rights in Pakistan.